About Us

We are marketing technology professionals!

We have built, managed, and advised the marketing organizations of global enterprises and startups. Here are some ways we help innovative marketers, with limited time and budget, to practice agile marketing and customer life-cycle management:

(a) efficiently identify and test new ideas
(b) iteratively build, measure, and learn
(c) quickly identify and discard ineffective strategies
(d) be alerted to take corrective actions or make enhancements

Ultimately, we help the innovative marketers acquire & retain more customers and accelerate revenue cycles by using their marketing technology investments effectively.

Why choose us?

Our experiences in both marketing operations and information technology allow us to provide services and solutions that uniquely meet your needs while being flexible for any changes in future.

In addition, our strength goes further with our extended teams:

Agnificent Platform Technologies
is an incubator for technology solutions

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 6.42.51 PM.png

Kreativz provides branding and online presence expertise

YoungMonks provides public relations services

Khel Now TV/Assist provides video production/social media services for sports related businesses